A Course of Life - A Retrospective on Carolyn Craft

Carolyn draws on her experience as a counselor, speaker, corporate executive and spiritual leader, to offer heartfelt direction to students in search of living a fuller life. Explore her past ventures below!

About Carolyn

Carolyn Craft has been sharing her insights into consciousness and the human potential movement, with a focus on the social and psychological roots of current issues; as a broadcast veteran and expert, visionary producer/developer, and business executive and advisor. In addition, Carolyn presents publicly on such topics as “Collaborative Competition,” “Business as the Manifestation of Vision,” “Performance Thinking and Communications,” and “The Twelve Powers of Success.” Carolyn has been featured in the national media for her commercial recordings, including People magazine. She’s a leader and an entrepreneur within any group of professions in which she finds herself and is passionately dedicated to the empowerment of others as well as being a voice for wisdom, in private practice, in businesses, and with executives and educators around the world. 

She brings to any coaching or counseling endeavor, extensive psychotherapy studies and trainings, and relative insights from having ongoing personal conversations with nationally known leaders in the field of human potential. Dr. Waybe Dyer, Gary Zukav, Dr. John Gray, Deepak Chopra, Caroline Myss, Marianne Williamson, jeam Houston, Dr. Joan Borysenko & Neale Donald Walsch represent a few of the visionaries who have shared their wisdom with Carolyn through her years of television and radio experience. As a result, her private counseling practice offers a unique opportunity for growth and expansion.

What Others Have Said...

"I wish everyone I did interviews with went to this level of highness. I enjoyed every second. I would be glad to do this show anytime you want."

"I appreciate your enthusiasm and spirit, and I hope we can speak again."

"You are a wonderful interviewer. It makes a difference when someone understands the subject matter and asks appropriate questions."

"Your style is very peaceful and conducive to inner wisdom, and your questions were insightful. I enjoyed the experience very much."

"I was recently blessed to hear a recording of The Lords Prayer in Aramaic, accompanied by a beautiful chanting and music.Listening to the words and musical tones was one of the purest, most holy experiences of my life and one I want to return to over and over again."

"Carolyn, I think you are a way better interviewer than Barbara Walters!"

National & Regional Recording Talent

In the past, Carolyn has offered executive interviews and interview coaching, helping professionals find their voice and share it with others. She also has produced, hosted, and lent her voice to numerous endeavors, including: Wisdom Media Group, Life Balance Media, Coppertone, Satalite Cinema, Holiday Inn, Dover Endeavors, KC Hospital Associates, Int’l Association Unity Churches, Sales & Marketing Executives Int’l, Wendy’s, McDonalds, Branstad for Governor, Explorer Dental Management, and more.

Waking Up with Carolyn Craft

Short list of guests who appeared on Waking Up

Wally Amos

Joan Borysenko

Gregg Braden

Julia Cameron

Deepak Chopra

Alan Cohen

Andrew Cohen

Kenneth Cohen

Larry Dossey

Wayne Dyer

Mathew Fox


John Gray

Mark Hansen

Harville Hendrix

Jean Houston

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Byron Katie

Lama Surya Das

Kenny Loggins

Ray Lynch

Edgar Mitchell

Robert Muller

Caroline Myss

Christiane Northrup

Judith Orloff

Dean Ornish

Christopher Reeve

John Robbins

Dr. Bernie Siegel

Houston Smith

Sir John Templeton

Robert Thurman

Ben Vereen

Neale Donald Walsch

Dennis Weaver

Dr. Andrew Weill

Dr. Brian Weiss

Marianne Robinson

Details & Resume

Skills & Experience

Unity Minister, Pastoral Counselor, Creator/Director & Executive Director, Public Speaker, Executive Coach, General and Sales Manager, Marketer, Recruiter, Written & Verbal Communicator, Business Manager, Life Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Motivator, Researcher, Voice Talent, Executive Producer

Professional Experience

UNITY COUNSELING SERVICES – Pastoral counselor committed to facilitating non-violent communications, speaking on global issues and mind-body-spirit, writer, Minister and Spiritual Counselor and radio talk show host. (2005-present)

WISDOM MEDIA GROUP – Director of Development (Radio), Executive Director (Radio), Consultant and Television on-air and voice talent. (1997 -2003)

UNITY WORLDWIDE MINISTRIES, KCMO – Media and Broadcast consultant funded by the John Templeton Prize and Progress in Science and Religion (1988 -1993)

CRAFT COMMUNICATIONS, INC – Owner, president, broadcast writer, producer, host and LA, Station manager/general sales manager (KKYX/KLLS San Antonio, TX (1985 -1990)

SWANSON BROADCASTING – General Manager (KKYX & KLLS, San Antonio, TX) (1985 -1987)

VIACOM  – General Sales Manager (WRVR, Memphis, TN) (1979 -1983)

Harte-Hanks Communications  – Sales/Regional Manager (WEZI, Memphis, TN) (1975 -1979)


Psy D – Graudate Theological Seminary (2012)

M Div – Unity School for Religious Studies (1992)

BA – University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (Radio/Television Communications) (1972)

Professional Speaker for:

WISDOM Media Group – Mind/Body/Spirit/Earth

NC Association of Pastoral Counselors

NC Association of Chaplains

Sales and Marketing Executives, International

American Women in Radio and Television

Christian Brothers College

Association of Unity Churches

Court Appointed Child Advocate

Unity School for Religious Studies

Radio Advertising Bureau

United Way

Uniport Distribution Center

West Tennessee Talking Library

Spouse Abuse Crisis Center

Memphis State University

Professional Women’s Organization

Unity Churches in 7 regions/US

Additional Trainings, Certifications, and Studies

Clinical Pastoral Education – Chaplaincy Program at UNC Hospital, NC & Staff Pediatrics

Nonviolent Communication Training

Institute for Sex and Enlightenment, IN

Nutrition for Mental Health, NC

Hartfort Family Institute, CT

Besser van der Kolk’s Specialized Care for Trauma Victims

Pavillion Interational, NC

Art of Sexual Intimacy, France

Heartmath, CA

Hakomi Psychotherapy (3-year training)

Energy medicine with Donna Eden

Somatic Experiential Therapy Training

Gestalt Body Centered Therapy Trainings

Wharton School for Business, Philadelphia

Sound Healing with Sharry Edwards

Child Advocacy Program, Kansas City

Templeton Fundability, Kansas City

WTTL Speaking for Blind, Memphis

Arcane School, London

Staub Leadership Training, Greensboro

Radio Broadcasting Management Conferences, Dallas

Sales and Marketing Executive Conferences, Memphis

Church Growth Seminars, Huntington Beach

UNC Scholarship Broadcast Institute, Chapel Hill

Carnegie Sales Training, Memphis