Services Provided

As your Therapist, I utilize various new as well as proven methods of psychotherapy to enhance communication between conscious, unconscious, mind, body and heart.  This allows you to awaken to your potential and connect to what is most alive in yourself.  To me, these methods represent the ultimate in personal and professional growth.  Because no two individuals are alike, I am most interested in discovering what is thriving in patient-therapist relating rather than merely focusing on sometimes-limited notions of pathology.

Exploring the presence of your authentic self in the midst of your everyday life … this … is truly becoming fully alive!

Life changes through marriage, divorce, recovery, moving, empty nest, retiring, midlife, loss or trauma, working at a passionless job or seeking new adventures … all represent opportunities for growth and new meaning for your life.

  • Couples and Communication
  • Mindfulness and Stress Reduction
  • Relationship and Sexual Issues
  • Addiction and Recovery

  • Emotional, Sexual and Physical Trauma
  • Career and Vocation
  • Grief, Loss and Life Transitions
  • Aging

For Couples

In Couples Therapy, clients are supported in exploring their inner life, which brings more aliveness, harmony and intimacy to their relational life.

The relational scope:

  • Developing deeper sense of empathy
  • Discovering what sexual issues actually reveal
  • Making room for love and forgiveness
  • Engaging ‘self-inquiry’ and doing the work
  • Transforming chronic patterns & beliefs
  • Cultivating a consciousness of need and support
  • Learning new communication skills and exercises to enhance intimacy

For Professionals

Seeking more goal-oriented therapy? My years of experience in management and corporate environments provide me with a keen understanding of the business world and its demands and challenges.

Of Note

Remote therapy is available. Speak with Dr. Craft regarding your situation